Palace Policies

London’s Tea Palace is committed to delivering exceptional service to all our customers.  The following policies are strictly enforced to ensure every guest has a positive and memorable experience:



A $250 deposit is required at time of party booking to secure your reservation.  All deposits paid to London’s Tea Palace are non-refundable, except under certain circumstances which will be determined by management. All refund requests must be submitted in writing by the person who paid the deposit at least 30 days prior to your party date.  If eligible for a refund, you will be charged a $50 cancellation fee. 


All remaining balances are due the day of your party.  A 10% gratuity charge plus applicable sales tax will be added to your final bill. We accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. We do not accept cash, checks, or money orders. Payment must be rendered prior to leaving the premises.



If you need to reschedule your party, please notify us at least 21 days prior to your party and we will reschedule based on our availability.  Your deposit will transfer to your new date, but you will be charged a $20 rescheduling fee. You are only allowed to reschedule once, and your new date must be booked within 90 days of your reschedule request. If you do not reschedule within 90 days, your deposit will be forfeited.  


Cancellations received less than 72 hours before your scheduled party will be charged 50% of the total party value. No shows are charged at full party value. All cancellation requests must be submitted in writing. 



You will receive an email confirmation of your party once your deposit has been successfully paid.  You will then be required to schedule a party consultation with one of our party planners to discuss all the details of your event, including any add-ons or upgrades you wish to add to your party.  You will be contacted 3-5 days prior to your party for a final consultation to confirm all event details, including the total number of guests attending. A final head count will be required at this time.



If all your guests do not attend your event, you will still be charged for the number of guests confirmed during your pre-party consultation.  If the number of guests in attendance exceed your confirmed count, you will be charged $35 for each extra attendee. 


The guest of honor and her guests are permitted to arrive at our Palace no more than 10 minutes prior to the party start time. All parties start and end at the scheduled time. Extended-hour parties can be accommodated if arrangements are made in advance. Our parties are packed with fun activities and follow a strict schedule.  Guests who arrive late may join the party at whatever point the party has progressed to. 


Fifteen minutes prior to party end time our hostesses will start wrapping up to ensure all parties end on time.  Please make sure parents are aware and respectful of your party end time if guests are being dropped off. London’s Tea Palace will not be responsible for guests not picked up after your party has ended, and you will be assessed a $50 fee for every half hour before and/or after your scheduled event a child is left on the Palace premises.  



The party package you select includes an allotted time as stated in the package description. Unless you have chosen to add additional time, all parties will start and end on time.



We gladly welcome siblings and relatives of our honored guests. However, please note there will be a charge for any child or adult who participates in party activities (i.e. dress up, dining, games, crafts, etc.).  Children not participating in the party must be supervised by an adult at all times.



London’s Tea Palace offers dual parties for siblings or unrelated guests of honor. There is a $25 additional charge for each additional princess being honored. All guests of honor are counted toward your total party headcount.  



Parents/adults are welcomed in the Palace. We do, however, restrict the number of adults in our main party room during parties to five or less.  



London’s Tea Palace takes no responsibility or liability for any accidents, injuries, theft, or property damage caused by party guests.  It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian hosting the party to supervise all children (keeping them safe and under control during the party) and secure all personal belongings before, during, and after the party. Our facility is not baby/toddler proof. Toddlers and crawling babies must be kept within arms reach of an adult at all times during the party. Due to the nature of birthday parties, small items, beads, or other choking hazards may be on the ground, as well as tipable and breakable furniture/decorations. In case of loss or damage to any London’s Tea Palace equipment or party items caused by a party guest, whether intentional or unintentional, the parent or guardian hosting the party will be held responsible for the monetary reimbursement of that item.



Food served during parties are for children only. We do not serve food to adults. Guests are permitted to take home any food remaining after a party is over.  We are not responsible for providing carryout boxes, plates, bags or utensils. All food must be collected prior to the end of the party.  


The parent or guardian hosting the party is responsible for communicating all food allergies prior to the party. If your child or one of your guests has an allergy, please alert us when booking your party so that our party team can be made aware. It is the parent or guardian hosting the party responsibility to make sure a child is aware that they may not be able to eat food provided at the party. If your child or one of your guests has an allergy and cannot consume food offered at the party, you are permitted to bring an alternative treat for them. Please note, a discount will not be provided if a child cannot/does not consume our treats. Due to the severity of some allergies, we are unable to purchase special treats for our guests with allergies.   



We do not allow any outside food, beverages, or decorations to be brought into the Palace unless you are renting our venue space.  No alcoholic beverages are allowed in our facility.


Event décor at London’s Tea Palace is one in a million. Decorations/props used for parties are the sole property of London’s Tea Palace and may not be taken home or otherwise removed from our premises under any circumstances.  Event décor, party favors, dresses/apparel are subject to change at any time based on product availability. 


All parties at London’s Tea Palace are for entertainment purposes only. We exercise special care in being sanitary and using mild, kid-friendly products. We make no claims of being licensed cosmetologists, estheticians, nail technicians, nor do we offer professional salon or spa services. We take no responsibility for any allergic reactions of any party guest related to use of our cosmetic products. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian hosting the party to alert the staff at London’s Tea Palace in advance of any allergies party guests may have or if any guest is not to have makeup applied.  


London’s Tea Palace makes safety a top priority. We take great pride and care to ensure all our guests are provided with clean and sanitized combs, brushes, hair accessories, and makeup applicators. We sterilize every beauty product between parties/events and only use 1 comb/brush per guests.  To eliminate cross-contamination of bacteria and/or infection among guests, only disposable makeup applicators are used. London’s Tea Palace reserves the right to refuse services to any child, for any reason, we feel may be experiencing any type of hygienic issue and may impose a health risk to others.



Appropriate undergarments must be worn when dressing in any London’s Tea Palace dress or apparel.  We reserve the right to refuse dress up to any guest not adhering to this policy.



Gift opening occurs toward the end of parties for parties of 10 or less and only if time permits.  Unopened gifts will be sent home with the guest of honor.



All photos/videos taken by staff during your party are the sole property of London’s Tea Palace and may possibly be used for marketing/advertising and commercial uses. By hosting your event at our facility, you authorize London’s Tea Palace to take and use photographs and video of you and your guests from your event without compensation to you or your guests.